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Since 2017, Gravity Water and Nipomo High School out of Nipomo, California have worked together to bring clean drinking water to 900 children in Nepal.

2016 Clean Water Campaign

Nipomo High School’s 2016 Campaign brought clean drinking water to Heartland Academy, a public school located in the Kalimati municipality in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. This school was chosen due to the students low-income demographic and lack of access to safe drinking water on-site.

Through support from the 2016 Nipomo School fundraiser Campaign, Gravity Water worked with the students and staff of Heartland Academy and the Kalimati Community to install a rainwater harvesting and filtration system, which is providing the entire school of 450 students with a daily source of safe drinking water.

2017 Clean Water Campaign

Nipomo High School’s 2017 Campaign was focused on Milan Dharmasthali School, which is located in the Balaju region, which lies North of the Kathmandu Valley. Like many villages in the Kathmandu Valley, Balaju is located on a hillside with limited access to fresh water.

Milan Dharmasthali school has an estimated 500 students, ages 4 years old to 17 years old, all which depend on purchased bottled water or contaminated groundwater as their primary drinking water source. Through funds from the Nipomo High School fundraiser and working with local plumbers, welders, and community support, Milan Dharmasthali now has a permanent and energy-free clean water system, providing the school and all of its students 500 liters of safe drinking water each day.

In 2019, Gravity Water is teaming up with Nipomo High School to bring clean drinking water to Su Man Khang Elementary and Kindergarten school and the community of Bac Ha, Vietnam, providing 260 children and community members with safe drinking water throughout the future.

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