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Since 2017, Gravity Water and San Luis Obispo High School out of San Luis Obispo, California have worked together to bring clean drinking water to 970 children in Nepal and Vietnam.

2017 Clean Water Campaign

San Luis Obispo High School’s 2017 Campaign brought clean drinking water to Sangam School, a public school located in Sankhu Village in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Without access to fresh water, Sangam School was dependent on buying and shipping in “fresher” water, which came from an open river outside the city.

Through support from the 2017 San Luis Obispo High School fundraiser Campaign, Gravity Water worked with the Sangam School and the Sankhu Community to install a rainwater harvesting system, which is providing the entire school of 640 students with a daily source of safe drinking water.

2018 Clean Water Campaign

San Luis Obispo High School’s 2018 Campaign was focused on Ta Van Chu Primary School, which is located in the rural Bac Ha District of northern Vietnam and is composed of 330 students, ranging from ages 4 to 12. Ta Van Chu Primary School used gravity-fed stream water, which is commonly polluted by agricultural chemicals.

Through support from the 2018 San Luis Obispo High School fundraiser Campaign, Gravity Water set up a 3,500-liter rainwater harvesting and filtration system that allowed the school to have a new source of water that was unpolluted and safe to drink year-round. This system provides the school and community with 500+ liters per day of safe drinking water, completely energy free.

In 2019, Gravity Water is teaming up with San Luis Obispo High School to take on their biggest project to date, Shree Prabha Secondary School in the remote region of Kartike Deurali, Nepal, which hosts 850 students age 6 to 18 years old.

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