Vietnam Initiative


In 2017, Gravity Water partnered with Not Just Bamboo┬áto expand it’s water relief efforts to communities in Vietnam. Not Just Bamboo is a social-impact company out of Denmark that produces sustainable bamboo products. Part of their company’s mission is to bring clean drinking water to the communities that create their products and after hearing about Gravity Water’s unique and sustainable approach to creating safe drinking water, they reached out to Gravity Water to help aid them with their mission.

On November 15th, 2017, after months of planning and coordination, Gravity Water and Not Just Bamboo headed out to Vietnam to begin the work. By November 30th, with the help of local community leaders, Gravity Water and Not Just Bamboo installed three Gravity Water Systems in remote villages in Vietnam, providing over 1,200 people with access to a permanent and sustainable source of safe drinking water.

2017 Clean Water Initiative

In 2017, Gravity Water provided over 1,200 people in Vietnam with access to a permanent source of Clean Drinking Water.

In 2017, Gravity Water completed 3 Clean Water Systems in public schools and communities, providing over 1,200 children and community members with a permanent source of safe drinking water in the Northern Region of Vietnam. Each location was connected to Not Just Bamboo, benefiting each community that helps create their products.

The Bamboo Factory

The first Gravity Water System was installed at one of the factories that produce Not Just Bamboo’s products. This factory┬áhad access to groundwater and rainwater, yet it was stored in a large cement tank on the ground, limiting their ability to filter it. With no source of safe drinking water on site, Gravity Water and Not Just Bamboo created a centralized Gravity Water System, which harvested rain off of one of the buildings and stored it adjacent to their cement reserve water tank. Creating a safe drinking water source for the approximate 250 employees of the factory gave them a future of health and happiness at their workplace.

Bamboo Factory - Community Public School

The second Gravity Water System was installed at the local school where the Bamboo Factory was located. This school was composed of approximately 250 students from preschool to middle school, many of them being children of the employees that worked in the local bamboo factory in the community. The school had no access to safe drinking water and were dependent on boiling water if they wanted to sterilize it, which was very energy, time-consuming, and not reliable throughout the year. The school principals and employees expressed the need and concern they had in regards to not having clean water for the children and worked with Gravity Water and Not Just Bamboo to help build the system for their students.

Hanoi Village Preschool and Kindergarten

Another bamboo factory that develops products for Not Just Bamboo is located in a village in Northern Vietnam. Fortunately, this bamboo factory was previously retrofitted with a water filtration system, so Gravity Water and Not Just Bamboo decided to develop the third clean drinking water system for the village’s Preschool/Kindergarten, which was located only blocks away. This school lacked access to any onsite clean drinking water and were dependent on purchasing safe drinking water whenever they had enough money to prevent the young children from getting sick. Though the school was already harvesting rainwater and storing it in a 30,000-liter cement tank, they had no way of filtering the water to make it safe for drinking. Gravity Water and Not Just Bamboo worked with the local school to build a Gravity Water System adjacent to the rainwater storage tank, allowing the school to have a free source of on-demand safe drinking water for the approximate 700 2- to 6-year old students that attended the school.

In 2018, Gravity Water will be working with Not Just Bamboo to reach the areas of Vietnam that are in the greatest need of clean drinking water, increasing the collaborative initiative from the local villages to communities across the nation.

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